Senior girl with sparkles
Naomi with Indian paintbrush flowers
black and white striking photo
Ballerina photo shoot
Walking in the grass at sunset
Senior girl session in the creek.
Senior girls jumping for joy
Senior girls with their cello and violin down at the creek.
Senior guy with his classic car.
Senior girl with her tassels.
Prom photos with an antique couch
Senior girl on the steps.
Senior girl with her sign.
Senior girl with wildflower bouquet.
Senior girl at sunset
Airfield falls senior with cap and gown.
Senior girl behind flowers.
Senior guy with his classic car near the lake.
Senior guy at sunset.
Football player with his ball at sunset.
Senior girl in the field at sunset.
Prom pictures at sunset on antique couch.
Senior girl at downtown Fort Worth.
Senior girl with her 4-H lambs.
Senior girl at sunset in the park.
Senior girl with her dog
Senior guy with blue smoke bombs.
Senior girl at Sundance Square in Fort Worth, TX
Urban photo shoot with Senior guy.
Keller High School senior girl.
Senior girl holding her puppy.
Senior guy. playing chess with smoke bombs in the creek.
Senior guy in the road downtown Fort Worth
Senior girl walking downtown Fort Worth.
Model call.
Ballet photo shoot at Kimball Art Museum.
Chandor gardens senior photo shoot.
Senior girl police officer photo shoot.
Senior girl with twinkle lights at the farm.
Senior boys with smoke bombs at Airfield Falls.
Senior guy in cap and gown at graduation.
Senior girl with her guitar and dog down at the creek.
Taekwondo photo shoot at Bear Creek Park Keller, TX